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Port of San Diego, California

San Diego Pier:

San Diego "B" Street Pier Terminal
1150 North Harbour Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

Directions to Pier:
From San Diego International Airport:
Exit the Airport on Harbor Boulevard South towards downtown area which leads to the pier.

3 miles to the pier, approximate driving time is 15 minutes.

From Los Angles International Airport:
Exit the airport seeking Freeway 405 South.
This will connect with I-5 South.
Follow I-5 South directly into San Diego.
Exit the Freeway at the Airport exit.
This will lead you onto Kettner Boulevard.
Follow Kettner Boulevard until Laurel Boulevard.
Turn left onto Laurel Boulevard.
Then turn left onto Harbor Boulevard, which leads to the pier.
This is well marked by road signs.

112 miles to the pier, approximate driving time is 2-1/2 hours.

There are no parking facilities at the San Diego "B" Street Pier Terminal. For information on parking near the pier, please visit the
Unified Port of San Diego website. Driving guests may drop off their luggage at the pier prior to parking their car.